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DG Components Limited, Manufacturers of earth bars, copper earth bars, bus bars.Excellence in electrical connections.ISO registeredCertificate Number 10993  ISO 9001Tel; 0151 356 7376 Fax; 0151 357 2262 Email; cards accepted

DG Components is a UK company based in

Ellesmere Port, Cheshire.

We specialise in the manufacture of copper bus bars, earth bars, copper laminates, copper braid, braided copper links, solid copper links, computer server earthing and earth straps. Every earth bar we manufacture is to the highest standard.

earth bars High quality British made earth bars Welcome to DG Components Limited

With over 25 years of experience.

 DG Components are a UK based manufacturer, building close relations with our customers to deliver a quality product at a very competitive price and rapid turnaround..

We manufacture all of our own products in house using the latest in CNC production machinery.

This enables us to provide a very fast turnaround, consistent high quality products and provide  

non-standard sizes rapidly.

If you require a standard 6 way earth bar with link or a 4 meter long special, we can produce it rapidly. We carry stock of all standard size earth bars for immediate delivery. Our earth bars are manufactured to the highest quality. All our earth bars are manufactured from high purity C101 copper complete with brass nuts and bolts. Every earth bar is mounted on a robust,  precision cut galvanised section. Ensuring every earth bar will offer years of trouble free life.

Our electical earthing products are used Europe wide.

DG Components Ltd is an ISO 9001 : 2015 registered company.

Highlighting our commitment to quality and service.